David Salinger

hair loss specialist & certified trichologist

David Salinger IAT MIT is a qualified trichologist specialising in hair loss, baldness, alopecia areata, hair breakage, hair damage, psoriasis and other scalp problems in women and men.

David is the executive director of the International Association of Trichologists (USA) and an honourary member and past
vice-president of the Institute of Trichologists (UK). He obtained an honours degree in Business Studies from the University of Birmingham, England, and a graduate degree in Human Relations at the London School of Economics before studying in London to become a qualified trichologist.

In 1974-75, he developed an educational program in hair loss and scalp diseases at the University of Southern California and has spent most of his time since then training trichology students throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, South Africa and South Korea.

He is the author of "Guide to Hair Loss", now in its seventh printing, and of "The Picture Guide to Scalp and Hair Problems". Both books are used at colleges in several countries. David lectures on hair loss throughout the world and is often consulted by the media in his capacity as a specialist of hair loss and scalp problems and as an expert witness in legal cases involving hair loss or breakage. He was the first person to use the amino acid 'tyrosine' in the treatment of such Autoimmune problems as alopecia areata, psoriasis and folliculitis decalvans.

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